Update on New Group Expected “Sometime in 2017”

Photo courtesy of KROQ/Tom Dumont
Photo courtesy of KROQ/Tom Dumont

After it was revealed that rock band AFI would be releasing a new album in January, fans have been curious on the timeline of Tom, Tony and Adrian’s new project with lead singer Davey Havok. Tom responded to a fan saying that there will be an update on what they’ve been working on “sometime in 2017” and that they will share more an a later time.

The still un-named band had been recording new music together earlier this summer in Los Angeles and Adrian had shared that they had close to 30 songs written. Tom has loosely described their sound as “rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wavey” and they’ve collectively said it will sound like something we’ve never heard from them (either No Doubt or AFI).

On top of AFI releasing a new album, Davey Havok has mentioned that the band plans on touring in early 2017 to support. Adrian also mentioned in a previous interview that the guys’ new band had hopes next year at some point, too.

We’re still hyped for the project and we hope we’re able to hear new music sooner rather than later from our guys!

11 Replies to “Update on New Group Expected “Sometime in 2017””

  1. If they featured Gwen on a song, that would be the perfect way for the project to feel less like Gwen the guys abandoning each other. Then they would be politely acknowledging each other and going their separate ways for the time being. Not going to happen though it would be super cool.

    1. Forget about Gwen.. She’s only about trash, Blake and gossip these days..She’s not even following Dreamcar on Twitter, not the band follows her.. She lives in a bubble of her own, I’m glad that even Gavin at last decided to unfollow her from his Twitter, I’m glad that her former bandmates are at last leaving her alone in her fantasy world and moving on doing some REAL music, they don’t need her permission to do that

  2. If this band even happens. It’s been so long with such little confirmed progress and no real hard answers so I’m wondering if it’s even gonna get off the ground.

    1. Haha, very true. I doubt it will happen. It would just be a sign that there is no animosity, because right now, it is really hard to tell.

  3. If AFI has an album coming out in early 2017, maybe they want to time it a bit later to ride on some of the promo of the AFI album?

  4. Does it bother anyone else that the guys tweeted promoting AFI’s new album and not one of them did that for Gwen? Not trying to stir up drama but it kind of rubs me the wrong way :/

    1. yeah, its weird. you can tell Gwen is not close to the guys anymore. Not as she used to be even a few years ago. I realized none of them attended her lasts shows (the forum and irvine) while many people were there (gwen’s family and friends). Ok, the guys have their own lives and families but in my perfect world at least Tony would be there since they’ve always been like BFF’s right? And he’s always attending a lot of concerts. well, I know the guys are still close. of course I have no ideia whats going on and it doesn’t help to speculate – and it’s not of my business anyway.

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