New Radio Interviews with DREAMCAR

Last week, both Adrian and Tony chatted with radio stations in the local San Francisco and San Diego areas to discuss DREAMCAR and promote the band’s small upcoming tour in April.

Adrian stopped by the Live 105 studios in San Francisco and shared that lead singer Davey Havok was the only frontman they had in mind. Tony had first suggested working with him and the guys later arranged a time to meet with him over dinner to tell him about the project.

He was asked if he was nervous in regards to the reception of “Kill For Candy” and Adrian said that he was anxious and excited and compared it No Doubt when the band was just starting to get on the radio. “It feels young. I feel like a teenager almost. It’s nice to be back in the game so to speak with something new & fresh. I have looked at some of the postings. I haven’t run into too much negativity yet, that’s encouraging.”

Adrian shares that the band may release another song prior to the album’s release in early May and said that it may be a B-side track but they haven’t decided yet.

Tony also called in to chat with San Diego’s 91X about the project and shared that they presented four tracks to Davey in the beginning to work with and he quickly came back with ideas of his own.

He admits that himself, Tom and Adrian were not sure of the direction they would take with Davey which is one of the main reasons for keeping the project a secret. “It became apparent very early in the process that something really special was happening.” Tony says the whole project has been very natural and easy and says that the only challenge was coming up with a band name. He shared that the band had written nearly 30 instrumental tracks.

DREAMCAR are now just starting with live rehearsals and they are finding it very exciting considering they have not played club shows in quite some time. They’re in “rehearsal mode” and relearning material that they’ve been working on for the past three years.

In case you missed it, check out DREAMCAR’s full interview with KROQ here where they announced their upcoming album, small club tour and debuted their new single “Kill For Candy”.

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