Instagrams: Steve Recording His Debut Album

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Steve shared a couple of new photos on Instagram last night from the studio including Adrian presumably recording drums as well as a video of an upcoming reggae track for his new album. And it sounds awesome!

If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out and picking up Steve’s debut single on iTunes, “Over and Out”.

Wanna make ur track not wack?Get this guys on the traps!! @adrianyoungnd

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

New jams in the works!!!

A video posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

3 Replies to “Instagrams: Steve Recording His Debut Album”

  1. I had a grudge against Steve for a while because one time I approached him and he said “we gets no love” when I always considered him and gabe as part of no doubt. Even made homemade shirts with all members including him. So it bummed me out. I’m over it lol just thought I’d share

  2. I think they are essential to the band too.

    I like that clip! I love that Adrian and Gabe are part of his new venture. I hope the others will appear on it as well!

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