Instagrams: Musink Tatoo and Music Festival

Over the weekend, both Tony and Adrian were in attendance at the annual Musink tattoo convention and music festival held at the OC Fair Grounds. Tony had Tweeted a photo sharing his excitement while supporting his H2O friends live onstage.

Former MTV VJ and friend Dominick DeLuca shared his photo with Tony from last night during the event.

First time I met Tony.. It was 94 at a Shelter show. At that time I was a VJ on MTV and Tony had this up and coming band that was starting to blow up called No Doubt. We hit it off due to the fact that we LOVED NYHC and punk …and as time went on he went on to become in one of the biggest bands of our time yet never forgot who he was and more importantly who I was. It was the same Tony I met at a show at CBGB’s for a Shelter show that was playing sold out shows at the Staples Center and so on … It’s been 20+ years since that day and we are still the best of friends tho we don’t go out every week running amok through Hollywood nightlife .. and it was awesome catching up with him to see more longtime friends ( Judge Strife Gorilla Biscuits H2O ) play Musink last night. Great times. Great friends. #tonykanal #friend #brotherfromanother #musink #nodoubt #h2o #gorillabiscuits #strife #judge #nyhc #family #realshit #musicthatstimeless #friendstiltheend #brooklynprojects #blessed #inspiration #instagood #picoftheday #iphoneology

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  1. Definitely! I really didn’t care until I was watching some concert clips yesterday and was like, “Damn, I really wish they were out there with new music and doing shows.” I hope they figure out something soon, but with everything Gwen has in the pipeline I don’t see new music on the horizon.

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