Instagram: Adrian in Cabo

Adrian shared a rad photo of himself enjoying the waves in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico yesterday afternoon. Looks like he’s having a wonderful time!

5 Replies to “Instagram: Adrian in Cabo”

    1. Ha! It is the best part of his post!

      I was wondering the same thing, too. I’ve looked at a few articles about the wedding and none of the band is mentioned as attendees. I thought maybe Gwen would have gone for sure but who knows. It might just be a coincidence! The band seems to love going to Cabo, especially the Young and Dumont families.

  1. I think it would be a little weird if Gwen went since she just started working with him, but Adrian may be friends with him after filling in as drummer for Maroon 5 a few years ago? It’s probably just a coincidence though.

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