Happy 42nd Birthday Adrian Young!

Everyone here at BSO would like to wish our favorite drummer and full time crazy man Adrian Young a very Happy 42nd Birthday! We hope he celebrates tonight with all of his friends and family (including his new sweet baby girl Magnolia!) Thank you Adrian for all that you do and we are so excited to see you out on the road soon and the new album! We hope you’re foot is healing up nicely! We love you so much! Leave your messages on the official Birthday Twitter, @AdriansBirthday, or leave him a message on the official NDC forum here!

The band (and the babies!) wished Adro a Happy Birthday as well!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Adrian Young!!! Love, Your Bandmates (and their babies)
6 hours ago

Here are a few of our favorite Adrian memories that you have been sharing with us!

Lori: On the rocksteady tour after one of the shows in san jose we went to the tourbus to say hi to the band and adrian pulled down his pants bend down and shook his balls!!! Lmao

April: My fave memory was at the filmore show when he proposed to Nina in 99′.

Jason: First time I met Adrian, I thought he was the hot new chick in town! I think it was 1987ish and a friend introduced Adrian to our crew at a costume party and of course he came in drag! He was an absolute knockout! Happy B-Day dude! 🙂

Gloriane: Braiding Adrian’s hair for the Fullerton Icehouse show back in Feb 1993

Terilynn: Seeing some “roadie” golfing on the grass seats just as the doors were opening for Atlanta show a couple summers ago. it was adrian!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Adrian!!!!!! You are by far the sexiest drummer I’ve ever seen. And you look even sexier at 42. :D:D

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