Exclusive Report: Adrian Played With Colt Ford Last Night

We have an exclusive tip for you this morning! Huge thanks to my Fiance of course (his friend is a sound engineer for Colt Ford!) Adrian apparently sat in and played a couple songs with country singer Colt Ford last night during his show at the Brandin’ Iron in San Bernadino, California! If you remember, it was reported that Adrian actually drummed on Colt Ford’s album Ride Through The Country back in 2008. After doing a little research as well, I found this quote from Adrian talking about drumming for his first country artist!

“When I showed up to Nashville to record some drums for Colt Ford, I brought my OCDP snare with me (which was probably a first for country music). Now country/rock session great Rick Brothers is country music’s first OCDP endorsee. Welcome to the squad, Rick!” 

Hopefully photos and videos show up soon!

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