DREAMCAR in “Final Stages” of Wrapping Up Debut Album (Updated)


DREAMCAR has also landed on Entertainment Weekly‘s year-end Most Anticipated Albums of 2017 list with a quote from Adrian on how organic the project came together and the future of No Doubt. “It was obvious early on that we had something, and it felt really exciting… It really was one of the most amazingly organic experiences — and Davey’s voice is mind-blowing!”

When asked how DREAMCAR impacts the future of No Doubt, Adrian says he says that this new project is just something they “are doing at the moment” and doesn’t think “it affects the future of 
No Doubt at all.”


Photo courtesy of Tony Kanal/Geoff Funk

Alternative Press has shared their picks for Most Anticipated Alternative Releases for 2017 and DREAMCAR has been included on their list as well as an update from Tony on the new group.

The band, comprised of Tom, Tony, Adrian and AFI’s Davey Havok, are in the “final stages” of wrapping up their debut album which is set to release sometime next year. Tony shared in the article that he “can’t stop listening to it” which he notes as a good sign.

DREAMCAR is still hesitant to put a label on their new sound but Tony insists the album was “very inspired by all the ’80s stuff that we love. I would definitely say it’s a rock record.” He continued by saying that the group never had a plan for what type of music they would make and it came together naturally.

We’re extremely excited to hear the new project and hope it comes out sooner rather than later!

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  1. I think I am more excited for this album than I was for Truth. These guys make magic when they come together. I wish Gwen could sync up with them again.

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