New Group DREAMCAR Announced Feat. Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey Havok

Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR
Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR

It’s official! DREAMCAR, the new highly-anticipated super-group featuring Tom, Tony, Adrian and AFI’s Davey Havok, have finally made an announcement of their own and have debuted a logo and revealed more is on the way next year. The group’s name (pronounced ‘dream-car’) had yet to be announced or confirmed until now.

News of the boys grouping up with Davey was prematurely announced earlier this year and hints about what they had been working on have been shared sporadically during the last few months. Tom, Tony and Adrian confirmed the news in February and made it clear to fans that this new project is completely separate from No Doubt. Adrian had chatted with Billboard in May about DREAMCAR’s progress on their new material stating that the group had over 30 songs demoed and were heading into the studio later in June to record. The new group has collectively said that their new music sounds nothing like we’ve heard from either No Doubt or AFI. Tom had loosely described DREAMCAR’s sound as, “rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wavey.”

Additional details (including promo and a release date) have yet to be shared and there is no indication (besides 2017) on when we can expect to hear new music from DREAMCAR. Adrian had shared earlier that the new group has aspirations of touring next year, which might come later in the year due to AFI releasing a new album of their own in January. The band’s official Twitter is following Columbia Records which may indicate which label they have signed with.

We’re extremely thrilled to have confirmation on DREAMCAR and we can’t wait to hear new music from the group! The boys are obviously just as equally as excited as all of us with Adrian stating earlier in June that DREAMCAR is “one of the most exciting things” that he’s been apart of.

Make sure to follow DREAMCAR on their social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and by subscribing to their official website,, for their latest updates. We’ll be sure to stay on top of news as well on the site for the group and we hope to be able to report more sooner rather than later. We’re wishing DREAMCAR and our boys the best of luck and success on their new and exciting venture!


19 Replies to “New Group DREAMCAR Announced Feat. Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey Havok”

  1. “The new group has collectively said that their new music sounds nothing like we’ve heard from either No Doubt or AFI. Tom had loosely described DREAMCAR’s sound as, ‘rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wavey.’ ”

    Rock+pop+dance+synths+guitars+new wavey = exactly like No Doubt. lol I love press releases.

  2. I am about 99% sure that this will be basic ND pop-rock only with a different voice, but yay for the guys getting to do what they want to do 🙂

  3. I hope they will be hugely successful so that Gwen gets jealous, elbows her way back in with the boys and No Doubt comes back together with a vengeance !

    1. We are talking about a newcomer band of 40+ year old men here. I am sure this project will have little to zero (commercial) success, but I don’t think that is the point of this project anyways.

        1. No, I am realistic lol. I don’t think Tom, Tony and Adrian expect this band to actually go somewhere on the charts or on the radio. They just want to make the music they love and I think that’s great. I don’t think commercial success is their priority.

          1. I agree. The guys are all about making music, having fun. Gwen, on the other hand, is the one that is all about having commercial success, that’s all she cares about. Having hits.

  4. Yea I agree with YYY. I hope they aren’t chasing hits as they did with P&S. it’s probably such a relief to just make music and not worry about charts. And I do also agree with Violet that to G being relevant can only mean being in the charts. Her album suffered because of this belief.
    Regardless, I’m excited for the guys and for any new music from Gwen.

  5. In the 2000’s, she was absolutely concerned with having hits, but for this era, I don’t think she would have released Misery if she were only concerned with hits. It was clear that it wouldn’t be one since there was a lack of interest in it after performances on SNL and The Voice. I think she released what she was most proud of and genuinely felt grateful for any little success she had with this era as she realizes her “time is up” so to speak. Chart wise, the era was a flop, but I think she feels fulfilled in every other area.

    Anyway, I also agree with YYY. This side project won’t be successful, but I don’t think they care. I believe they just want to make music with their friends.

  6. I am so happy about this! Whether it sounds like ND or not, it will be good I’m sure.
    Tbh, I am not really feeling Gwen’s TIWTTFL… After a few listens, I just don’t feel like hearing it too much now unlike LAMB or SE. 🙁

  7. This band name isn’t that great tbh. They could have picked something more meaningful. And don’t tell me that No Doubt isn’t any better cause IT IS, it’s tongue in cheek and it’s a fucking expression.

    1. If we put it all together. All the puzzle pieces we have it does not seem shady. Something bad/sad seemed to have happened. A. They don’t talk any more B. She said she did not ask if she could play No Doubt songs on her solo tour C. Tony did not help with her album which he did the last 2 D. They did not support her by tweeting her album/tour and she did not do the same for Dreamcar It appears they are upset with her and vice versa. Not shady just sad IMHO

  8. Agreed. It’s obvious something happened. I personally think it has to do with her hiding her divorce from them while on tour, and then choosing to do a solo album instead of a ND album. There most certainly had to have been a conversation there. I wonder what will bring them together again in the future….

  9. Initially, she was trying to do everything solo stuff and no doubt. Then she had the divorce and pretty much isolated herself from everyone and just focus on trying to find herself. She probably figured it’s better for them to go their separate ways because the chemistry is not there anymore. Push and Shove pretty much felt like this last album. It was so much better than her solo stuff though.

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