Adrian interview With Xtra Sports 1360AM

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Eek! How exciting! Adrian gave an interview to radio station Xtra Sports 1360AM where he talks about his favorite sports teams and his passion for golf, but more importantly the new era of No Doubt! He says that they are almost 100% done and that the album will come out in September (we already knew that) and that the band is aiming to tour next year! He also says that the album doesn’t have one cohesive sound and that they took music from all the genres they love: ska, nu wave, pop and so on. It’s coming soon, No Doubters! We can’t wait!

3 Replies to “Adrian interview With Xtra Sports 1360AM”

  1. oh yay i’m so excited for this really. this is the band i’ve grown up to and this will be one more gem for the collection woooooooooo!!!

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