Adrian’s Appearance on The Hot & Heavy Show

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Adrian appeared on Breal.TV’s new raunchy Hot & Heavy web show tonight and we’ve put together a small recap of the interview. He revealed that he’s heading to the Simple Minds concert tonight in Los Angeles and we hope he has a great time!

For those wondering, nothing was mentioned about what the band’s plans are or new music this time around.

– When asked if he preferred the VMAs to the Grammys, Adrian said that the VMAs were more like a party and the Grammy Awards were incredible. He enjoys making music over making videos.

– Adrian says that he doesn’t involve himself too much in the writing process but then comes in to “dirty” up the songs.

– He’s really focusing on his golf game and says to get good, it takes a lot of dedication.

– Of course we expecting to hear about his thong fetish. Adrian mentions that he started wearing them after the band had been touring for quite some time in the late 90s, saying that he wanted to shock his band and fans. Being on tour brings you away from reality. Though while on tour you can get burned out, he says that it’s changed so much for the band now since touring is now a family affair. For the thongs, he admits he still has a couple of them from over the years.

– Adrian told the story about lying to get into the band. He had told the band he had been playing for years when auditioning for No Doubt, but in reality only had been playing for less than two years. Adrian says that his inexperience really showed during the band’s recording sessions for their debut album in the early 90s. He then practiced non-stop for the next couple years to catch up with the rest of the group. He joked and said that Tom and Tony voted him into the band.

– Adrian relives the moment when No Doubt heard themselves on the radio for the first time. “Just a Girl” aired on the radio when the band was touring in Utah at the time. Tony was listening in a phone booth and started screaming across the parking lot of their hotel and the band continued to celebrate in their room together!

– Adrian tells the story of proposing to his wife Nina on the band’s stop in San Francisco at the Filmore in 1999. He had told the rest of the band prior that he wanted to do it and had his whole family and friends there. Nina had her suspicions, but had no clue.

– Adrian loved touring with The Vandals. He felt like it was a party every night after the shows and they were a lot of fun. His most memorable tour moment was when the band played in India turing the Tragic Kingdom tour. Another one of his favorite tour stops was in Jerusalem during the 1997 world tour and possibly thinks that was their loudest crowd ever. He loves playing California and thinks the fans are spoiled since they have toured there so much.

– He calls No Doubt’s performance during the Super Bowl in 2003 possibly their greatest achievement though it was pretty nerve wracking. Not only were they playing for millions and millions of people, but also joining the stage with Sting, a huge icon.

Adrian is now LIVE on the new Hot & Heavy show streaming on! We want to warn fans though that the show is very, very raunchy.

We will have a re-cap of the interview up once the stream is over.

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