Adrian and Davey Havok Interview Backstage at 91X Wrex the Halls

Adrian and Davey chatted with 91X’s before hitting the stage for Wrex the Halls and shared that thankfully all of the members of DREAMCAR are safe from the current devastating wildfires in California. When asked how the response has been to DREAMCAR over the past year, Adrian says that the expectations going into the project were small so everything along the way has been exciting. He shared that the whole process has been really easy and fun.

When asked what’s next for DREAMCAR, the boys plan on taking some time off for the holidays and will reconvene in the new year. We’re crossing our fingers for more shows in 2018!

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  1. The whole process of making the album and touring was easy that’s cool! Dreamcar has been doing well, would be interesting to see their next album if they challenged themselves. Im going to find some covers Dreamcar has done on youtube now..

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