Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Adrian Samuel Young
  • Nicknames: “Adro”, “The Naked Drummer”
  • Birthday: August 26, 1969 (8/26/2969)
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Born: Long Beach, California
  • Schools Attended: Cypress High School, College (Majored in Psychology)
  • Parents: Sam and Jean Young
  • Siblings: Damian, Jeff and Alex Young
  • Spouse: Nina Kent; married 2000
  • Children: (Son) Mason James Young (b: February 9, 2002), (Daughter) Magnolia Renée Young (b: June 10, 2011)
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Sports Played: Basketball
  • Notable Jobs: Local steak house (server)
  • Personal Heroes: The Police’s Stewart Copeland and Rush’s Neil Peart
  • Instruments Played: Percussion


    About Adrian

    Written by Matt Sharkey for (circa 2001):

    Adrian joined No Doubt in 1989, shortly after the first drummer left. He was asked to join after battling another drummer in a head to head second try-out. Adrian won the battle after telling the rest of the band that he had been playing drums since 1983, when in actuality he had only been hitting the skins since Christmas day of 1987. Proof that bullshit can pay off if you have the skills to back it up.

    Born in Long Beach, California, on August 26th, 1969, Adrian has been a life-long resident of the area; currently living right down the street from No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont. Being the child of hippies in their prime, Adrian was made well aware of the world of music during his most impressionable years. His early musical interests included The Doors, Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Marley. These bands were simply what laid the foundation for young Adrian. He would soon discover punk rock and ska and purchase his very first record with his own money…”Road to Ruin” by the Ramones.

    Prior to being selected as original drummer Chris Webb’s replacement, Adrian had been with No Doubt almost every step of the way. However, his view had been from the pit and not from the stage…as a fan and not yet a member. Very much into the ska scene during his earliest years of high school, Adrian brought the sound to the band that they had been searching for. Luckily they found someone who was also willing to evolve beyond the rim shots of ska into other waters not yet tested.

    From his first days of playing Adrian can recall Deep Purple’s Ian Paice, The Police’s Stewart Copeland, and Rush’s Neil Pert as his most identifiable influences. Only today to be inspired by his contemporaries; Chad Sexton, Chad Smith, and Josh Freese. Aside from spending each waking hour of his life with the band, working on their new album, Adrian has also just recovered from a two week European tour with The Vandals.

    In addition to being a musician and a great entertainer, Adrian is also a master of the greens and fairways. A navigator of the links, he makes time at least twice a week to dust off the clubs and hit the golf course. Keep your eyes peeled in the years to come for a celebrity golf match in which Adrian will be attempting to whoop Bill Murray’s ass.

    As a Jack of All Trades, Adrian is also well known as a “professional socializer.” If you are ever awarded the true privilege of witnessing Adrian in a group of people consuming beverages that make you feel funny, you will understand exactly what that title means and, more so, why he deserves it. May the party never stop and may he keep us smiling.

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    Adrian Young has been drumming for No Doubt since 1988. The legend is that Adrian had lied to get into the band saying that he had been drumming all his life but in fact had just started. Adrian was a big fan of No Doubt and regularly attended their live shows in southern California.

    Adrian is still a contributing member of No Doubt (when he’s not playing with other artists or golfing) and has recorded six albums with the band.

    When not working with No Doubt, Adrian has sat in with several artists in the studio and on the road. Most notably, Adrian has worked with: Maroon 5, Bow Wow Wow, Colt Ford and The Vandals.

    And when not performing, Adrian is an avid golfer whom has participated in many tournaments for charity.


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