Video: Adrian Interview from NAMM

Check out a quick interview Adrian did with SeattleMusicTv during last month’s NAMM convention held in Anaheim. Adrian shared that he is still sponsored by his own OCDP but was there in support of Yamaha, more specifically their electronic drum sets. He says that he used to be “anti-electric kits” but says now they have […]

Instagram: Tom Today at Namm

Thank you to GJ² for sharing a photo of Tom with Rob Marcello this afternoon at NAMM! Tom joined the team at the GJ² booth where they demoed new guitars and answered questions. Adrian was also there today for a signing at the Yamaha booth at NAMM being held in Anaheim this weekend.

Instagrams: Adrian Signing at NAMM Today!

NAMM fans! Adrian shared on Instagram this afternoon that he will be holding a autograph signing today during the NAMM convention being held in Anaheim, California. He will be located in the Marquis Ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel starting at 11:00 AM in support of Yamaha’s new DTX electronic kits. Good luck to those […]

Video: Tom Unveiling Zora at NAMM

No Doubt have uploaded a quick video showcasing Tom and GJ²’s Grover Jackson unveiling the new Zora guitar model during January’s NAMM convention held in Anaheim. Tom blogged about the video this morning on his official website.

Video: NAMM Interview with BackstageAxxess

Check out another new interview with Tom from January’s NAMM convention courtesy of In the interview, Tom discusses the new Zora collaboration with Grover Jackson’s GJ2 Guitars. It’s so cool to see how passionate Tom is about his work with Grover. And to see more footage of Tom testing out the new models. Tom […]

Video: GJ² Namm Presentation

Check out a video of Tom and Grover Jackson’s GJ² NAMM presentation which took place late last month in Anaheim where they debuted the new Zora model together for the press. Thank you to Axvault for sharing the video.

Photos: NAMM Day 2 Meet and Greet

Tom wrapped up his meet and greet at the GJ² Guitars booth for day 2 at the NAMM convention this afternoon. He even confirmed to one lucky fan that the band is indeed working on new music and will be hitting the road sometime this year. Congratulations to all that got to hang out and […]

Tom Appearing at NAMM Convention Jan. 25

Update: Tom’s presentation with GJ² Guitars will be streaming live from the NAMM conference starting at 11:40 AM PST on January 23. Tom and Grover Jackson will be unveiling the new Zora model to the public during the press and media event. Tom has confirmed via Twitter that he will be appearing for a […]

GJ² Guitars Debuting Zora Model at NAMM

Orange County guitar makers GJ² have announced that they will be debuting their Zora models during the upcoming NAMM convention this Winter. Tom had both an input in the design and technical processes of this model and it sounds like it’s been another amazing collaboration. Fans might recognize this prototype since Tom has been

Tom Thanks Everyone For NAMM

Tom took the time to thank everyone that came out to visit and meet him at the NAMM event last weekend in Anaheim, California. Tom Dumont — Thanks to everyone who came out to say Hi at my NAMM show Takamine Guitars appearance last weekend. I really enjoyed meeting everyone… Thanks also to Lloyd and […]

Photos: Adrian At NAMM Event

Adrian was also present at the NAMM event yesterday afternoon along with Tom! Thanks to Jackie for sharing her photos with us! He looked incredibly dapper in that suit of his! It was said that his new light-up rasta Orange County Drums drumkit debuted during the convention!

Photo: Tom Today at NAMM; Confirms Album News

UPDATE Huge thanks to Mackenzie for sharing some of her photos from the event! Awesome! Check out an amazing photo of Tom hanging out at the Takamine Guitars booth this afternoon at the NAMM event in Anaheim. Congrats to all the lucky ones who were able to meet him! Tom also confirmed to a fan […]

Tom Signing At NAMM Event Tomorrow

Sorry that we are a little late reporting, but Tom confirmed last night that he will be doing a signing at the Takamine Guitars booth during the annual NAMM convention tomorrow, January 21, being held at the Anaheim Convention Center starting at 1:00 PM. However, NAMM trade shows are not open to the public. Attendance […]

Video: Adrian Interview From NAMM

Taken from Orange County Register, he just talks about the same stuff in the article last night. I can try and rip it when I get off work tonight for people who can’t view it. Now uploaded!

New Adrian Interview From NAMM; Says New Album Is "A Long Way Away"

Adrian gave a new interview this afternoon with longtime friend/No Doubt ex-bandmate Eric Carpenter (who writes for the Orange County Register now), about the NAMM festival and what’s new with No Doubt. The interview is pretty long, but I posted it all for everyone who wanted to check it out. He’s pretty tight-lipped about the […]